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  STAR CHAVS I: Curiousity Destroyed The Planet
I love this movie - it took me ages and is quite long. It is a clay / computer 2d animation about annoying space chavs. If I can rant for a minute - I work hard for a living, pay my taxes, have a HUGE mortgage and generally get by OK. What I cannot stand are Chavs. People who take pride in being an underclass. Getting pissed, fighting in town centres, vandalising property, wearing thick gold chains on the outside of kappa jackets, smoking like trains, squeezing all their friends into over-modifyed Vauxhall Novas and generally taking pride in intimidating ordinary decent people. I am not a snob, I simply CANNOT understand why chavs are on the increase. Is life in the UK just too damned easy for these disestablishmentarianist leeches? Anyway, political ranting aside, this animation is a homage to Chavs everywhere. It is worth a download. Roughly 10Mb over 4 minutes, so it will stream on a broadband link, if not then save to your desktop.

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This blog is a journal of my journey into the world of stop motion animation with clay and plastercine. It logs all of my attempts no matter how bad they are :) If you have any comments or would like to suggest an animation then please do - I am always looking for ideas!

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